Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Inject a Strange Drug in My Veins? Don't Mind if I Do!

Check out this cover from the first issue of what I think is the first Charleton issue of the Blue Beetle:

"The Giant Mummy WHO WAS NOT DEAD!"

That is hilariously awkward.  Isn't that the kind of thing you'd expect a five year-old playing with action figures to come up with?  "This is the Giant Mummy who is not dead!  And this is my Mr. Spock action figure who I pretend is Namor because they look alike in the face!"

I came upon Reg'lar Fellers, which gets a little confusing.  It started as a comic strip which then gave rise to Reg'lar Fellers of America.  The RFA (see how official groups sound when you use their initials?) was a nonprofit organization mean to provide summer recreation programs for 12 to 15 year-olds.  The RFA then came out with this comic, which they called "An Official Publication."  Because nothing says entertaining reading like "An Official Publication."

Anyway, here's the origin of Hydroman from the very first issue:

In which we see that injecting strange substances into your bloodstream gives you special powers.  I can't possibly see how we might be sending the wrong message to readers, can you?

Uh-oh.  Someone's using the telephone!

... And There it Is. (tm!)

Let's leave with a panel of a guy in bed shooting a cobra in the face:


See you tomorrow!

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anthrax2525 said...

Nothing bad ever happens to telephone users! Never!