Monday, December 17, 2012

Peculiar Salads!

Finishing up All-Flash Quarterly #12....

.... well, you start seeing strange things when you eat the peculiar salad.  Just say no, kids!

So, the Resentful District Attorney Clifford Devoe becomes the Thinker.  Fanboys will note that DC would recycle the name later in the Silver Age (not to be confused with Marvel's "Mad Thinker").  Turns out he doesn't think things through very well, especially for an attorney, so the name might be ironic (like if someone called me "Slim").

See, it's bad enough that he was busted for the crimes Jay knew about, but he willingly coughs up evidence of other crimes he was plotting.  The best doctors make the worst patients, I suppose.

Jay sure loves salad.

See you tomorrow!


James Robert Smith said...

Was Hunk Norvock a continuing character? I must know.

Adam Barnett said...

I don't think he was... IIRC, he bit the big one in this story. BUT HIS NAME LIVES ON!!!!

Murfyn said...

You are back! Cool!

Aaron Carine said...

The guy is like the criminals on Cold Case, who usually confess to EVERYTHING without even asking for a lawyer. Maybe the son or grandson of the comics writer wrote for the show.