Thursday, December 2, 2010

Doorknobs! How Do They Work? Thursday!

From Detective Comics #387.  It was common in the Silver and Bronze Ages to have comic characters called by their initials.  Green Lantern was "GL," Kid Flash was "KF," Green Arrow was "GA" and so on.  This didn't always work out:

Robin, please don't call me "B.M."  In the medical community, that is the common abbreviation for "bowel movement."


grooves on a swingin' happenin' scene, baby!

This seems to be a situation where the artist didn't read the script very carefully.  Usually, Gordon turns around and B and R are just gone.  In this case, he turns around and sees them running out the door.  Not very mysterious, to be sure, but we appreciate Gordon playing along.

See you tomorrow!


MarvelX42 said...

Yeah, B.M. isn't really shorter until you are spelling it out. If you are speaking it, it has the same number of syllables. Bats, would have been better.

Britt Reid said...

IIRC, this was the Anniversary issue retelling of the very first Batman story, updated for the Swinging '60s.
The move towards the "creature of the night" Batman was already under way.
I hope you'll be covering one of my all-time favorites...Detective #389, which basically put the "camp" era out of it's misery.

Adam Barnett said...

You are correct, Britt, which was also re-printed another 30 years later for the 60th anniversary! And yup, I have #389 on tap!