Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Same Soup, Only Reheated Tuesday!

Remember yesterday's post, wherein I talked about issue #114 of World's Finest and pointed out yet another charity event attended by Superman and Batman?

Issue #115:

Yup. This story begins with a charity event, same as last one. But it doesn't end there.

Remember when we were awestruck by the giant accordion?

Again, Issue #115:

How many giant accordions did they have stashed around in 1960, anyway?

The same basic story retold, without any breather of originality in between. It's like watching two back-to-back episodes of Home Improvement.

But then along comes Tommy Tomorrow, who obligingly says this:

Guys, never say anything about comparing your small gun to a big gun in the presence of a woman. Better yet, never say it at all.

See you tomorrow!

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Murfyn said...

A rocket, with a payload of ready cash, in Gotham City . . . what could go wrong?