Thursday, October 15, 2009

Uneasy Subject Matter Thursday!

I know we normally keep it comic-bookish around here, but check out yesterday's Blondie:

Is it just me, or has Alexander hired himself a prostitute?

Speaking of bad ideas:

Kids, despite how fun they make it look here, you probably shouldn't be diving with hard candy attached to little wooden sticks hovering near your esophagus.

And hey! Time to teach your children gunplay!

What does it take to get an NRA medal shooting at home, anyway? "One shot, one kill"?

And when the kid gets bored shooting at domestic animals and younger children:

That's right.... for the future sniper in your family!

I loves me some comics.

See you tomorrow!


D.B. Echo said...

" handling of ALL guns"?

"Now that we've seen what happens when all of the bullets in a 'Pepperbox' go off at the same time, we'll move on to the Thompson submachine gun, aso known as a 'Tommy Gun.' Oh, that broken-off car antenna strapped to a block of wood? Well, this is a real treat. Let me show you how a 'Zip Gun' works..."

Anonymous said...

Actually, NRA medals are often for exactly what the ad implies: marksmanship and safe handling of firearms.

Elizabeth said...

"Neato-keen, I just got the Ted Nugent 'Kill It 'N' Grill It' medal!"

Anonymous said...

Blondie: Not cadging quips from the Curmudgeon are we?

David said...

What's that? He's going on vacation, so he gives his kid a gun to pass the time? As if trashing the house with a keg party wasn't bad enough?

De said...

Giving a gun to a kid to pass the time while Dad is away is beyond strange.

However, getting a gun at 12-13 was not abnormal where I grew up. This didn't mean we were allowed to go get it whenever we wanted and shoot stuff. It usually meant we were allowed target practice when Dad was around and not in the middle of watching football or something. Dad was adamant that my brother and I knew how to safely handle the thing.

Sleestak said...

Alexander is one of those guys who thinks the stripper he pays for a lap dance really likes him for who he is.

Allergy said...

You and I (and, I think, most of the commenters here) grew up reading crap like this, and yet most of us opted not to imitate the actions of some stupid cartoon bear, despite our obvious deficiencies.

I'm curious to know where it started, this kids-will-do-things-they-see-in-comics liability concept...

On another note, I feel bad for Bill that his dad can turn something as cool as a gun into another opportunity for a boring lecture. "Man! Real training in marksmanship and in safe handling!"

On the other hand, he gives vacation gifts. I don't remember getting stuff like that.