Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hot Dogs and Monkeys Wednesday!

From World's Finest #116:

I don't care how reformed the guy says he is, Bruce; Whatever he brings out of that kitchen, I wouldn't eat it.

You know what always makes for a good time? Monkeys.

Especially monkeys that use projectile weaponry. You can't possibly get tired of seeing that.

Hey! It's a weird thing!:

Now, in 1960, what the heck kind of photo am I going to have with an image so small that I can shove it onto a ring?

Say, Adam, what's that on your ring?

Why, it's a photo of my woman!

Um.... it looks like an eyebrow.

That's all I could fit on the ring.

Good times.... good times.

See you tomorrow!


Zocktastic said...

Adam, you are a sad, suspicious man, and I pity you for your inability to trust people.

Now, I was... ERK!! *Keels over dead from eating a poisoned hamburger.*

Anonymous said...

its not as if he was arrested for being a cannibal,...or is it?

Zocktastic said...

On further reflection, I think I missed something important in this post, what with my poisoning and all. To wit: that arrow-shooting monkey rocks my world!




Wheee! Sound effects!