Friday, October 30, 2009

Proboscis Friday!

It's Halloween-ish! Which is just as good of an excuse as any to check out World's Finest #118, on account of it's got some weird creature in it. Then again, "weird creature" was pretty much the raison d'existence for Superman and Batman in the 1960's, but we'll look at it anyway. It's not like we have anything better to do:

Taking this cover literally, I think World's Finest missed a bet here. How positively bitchin' would it have been to have Superman banished from the book in exchange for that thing? I would have bought the heck out of World's Finest if it had monthly team-ups of Batman and that goofy-looking creature! Heck, I still would. Get on it, DC!

And.... you know it's coming! Cue the obligatory charity event!:

And, as usual, that's pretty much all the plot set-up we're getting.

But check out Robin!:

Someone has been paying attention to their "Word of the Day" Calendar!

And since Superman is yanked off the planet (yay!), Batman has to be the designated douche:

It hasn't done any property damage or threatened anyone's safety, but it's eating metal ore! We can't have that! I'll crush its head with a boulder!

Hey! Did you know parents have rights, too? Turns out they do!:

I'm prepared to guess that Big Brother Bob has had his head dunked into many a toilet while he attended public school. Just a speculation on my part.

See you Monday!


Sea-of-Green said...

Is that, Help the HEART FUND, or HELP THE HEART Fund? Oh, well ...

Murfyn said...

It could be "Help, the Heart Fund!"

Railbus said...

...and all on account of another nysterious RAY!

Johnny said...

Good Godfrey?! Who the heck is Godfrey, and why must Superman use his name in vain?

Johnny said...

Good Godfrey?! Who the heck is Godfrey, and why must Superman use his name in vain?

Anonymous said...

Ray usage example...Is adam forgeting his promises?

Aurora Moon said...

I can't get over how weird-looking that girl's face is in that "parents have rights, too" page.

seriously if you look closely it looks like she's got some deformed bone structure going on.