Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hey! Have you heard that DC is going to release some "new" last issues of some fan-favorite cancelled series. For instance, they are going to publish a 67th issue of Suicide Squad, 20 years after the series ended. I think they've given me enough follow-up to that series, what with the SS: Raise the Flag miniseries of late and the Secret Six ongoing, but I'm always game for another Deadshot appearance somewhere. Others to look forward to are Atom/Hawkman, Catwoman, and Starman. I'd say Marvel needs to get on the stick, because we're all dying for some U.S.1 and Team America updates! Right? Right?

In the spirit of updating, let's check out this awesome bit from Avengers v1 #349:

Y'see, this is back in the day when Eric Masterson possessed the power of Thor instead of Don Blake for reasons I don't know because I wasn't a Thor reader, but in this particular instance the power of Thor (Eric Masterson version) was possessed by the spirit of Ares (yes, the same guy who is currently a good guy in New Avengers), who is clonking Hercules (who is only Hercules and has always been only Hercules as far as I know) in the noggin.

Being able to keep track of that sort of thing is why most comic readers are deceptively smart.

But I was actually just pointing out the sound effect. I'm not sure I could do any better than "SPWAKWOOM," but is "SPWAKWOOM" really the sound it would make if Thor smacked Hercules on the noggin?

Rewind to Avengers v1 #340:

I've never seen her before in my life.... but that won't stop me from touching her inappropriately while she's unconscious! Cap? You want to remove your right hand there?

And finally, from All-Winners #4:

That.... is the sort of thing of which nightmares are made. And that's a lovely racial stereotype in the top right corner as well. Wow. I do wish I had a copy of Joker Comics, just to see if it was as disturbing as this house ad.

See you tomorrow!


Captain Infinity said...

Smacking Hercules in the noggin is probably about as effective as spaying Namor with a firehose.

Anonymous said...

I can see it, or hear it. Spwak is the sound of the hammer hittin the noggin and the woom is the sound of the hammer vibrating...

Aurora Moon said...

that's the sort of ad that seems suited for Batman's Joker if he had his own comic. :P

unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the actual joker comic is quite like that if we had to go by that cover.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I'm really enjoying this blog. Your commentary is as good as the images.

Adam Barnett said...

Thank you, Wayne! Welcome aboard!