Tuesday, October 6, 2009

PG-13 Tuesday!

From World's Finest #99:

It's always a hoot to laugh at the birthday dreams of children, isn't it?

Speaking of inappropriate sharing of financial matters, I read somewhere online that the FCC was going to start requiring bloggers to disclose whenever they receive payment for doing reviews. I actually don't have a problem with that idea, because frank disclosure of whether or not I'm getting paid to talk about something could greatly affect how much you trust my two cents. So, as far as I'm concerned, bloggers should be required to disclose when they get paid to talk about or review something on their site.

That said, and I'm going to put this policy on my sidebar, let me share with you my review policy: I do not, nor will I ever, accept payment or compensation of any kind for mentioning, discussing or reviewing something on this blog. This blog generates no revenue for me whatsoever. If I tell you I about something, it's because I thought you might be interested as a reader of this site. The opinions are mine only. That's not to say I won't look at something if I'm asked. Sometimes, folks will send me material to review and if I like it, I say something. But I never get anything in the way of compensation for doing so.

Everyone straight on that? Good. And watch Sunshine Cleaning, because it was delightful.

For example, a band called "The Motion Sick" sent me an e-mail telling me about a funny Aquaman-related song I might find interesting. Aquaman as a lame character has been done before (I seem to remember some band doing a song called "Arthur Curry" which was written from Aquaman's perspective and talking about what a douche Batman was), but I liked the song and the video, so here it is:

The guys tell me they do a lot of comic-related songs. It's the combo of the song and the video that made it for me. Video truly killed the radio star.

As most comic readers know, Superman and Batman were always together on the cover of World's Finest, but didn't actually appear in the same stories until we were well past the fifth year of publication. Since the two hung out in different cities, I'm sure it was a challenge figuring out how to get the guys together month after month. By the time I got to the 100th issue, I realized something:

Superman and Batman did a sh!tload of charity events.

Sorry, Nephew Sam! I'm not endorsing that kind of language as a general rule, but sometimes the profane word is the only one that will do. Use profanity wisely and sparingly.

But they did do a disproportionate amount of charity shows.

So today, if you're keeping track, I discussed money and swore. It's probably for the best that I have no children of my own. And I have no idea how I'd deal with these hellions:

Actually, I know exactly what I'd do: I'd make the little whiners dress the same and be within arm's reach of one another all day long, since they seem determined to be the same person. Chew on that, punks!

That's how Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle would have done it. She was old school. And no, I'm not getting any compensation for endorsing Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books. But everyone should read them.

See you tomorrow!


Zocktastic said...

Well lady, maybe you could try talking to your children and telling them that you love them. Crazy idea, I know.

And Adam, you just earned 18,000 cool points for referencing Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle!

Anonymous said...

Someone please explain to me why Aquaman rode a jetski.

Seriously, the only thing the dude can do is breathe underwater and swim really fast. This is like if Superman owned a frickin' moped. IT MAKES NO SENSE.

Mythell said...

Since we are talking about bands that write songs about superheros and such I feel the need to mention the best one around...

Ookla the Mok!

Check them out at www.ooklathemok.com

SallyP said...

Oh God, the Piggle-Wiggle books were delightful. I read every single one. I even wanted an upside-down house.

But anyway, I don't think that accepting filthy lucre will make that big a difference in a review. Newspeople get paid after all.

Anonymous said...


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