Friday, October 23, 2009

Gleek Me Friday!

Of course, we all remember this triumph of animation:

But I've subjected it upon you more to prep you for an interesting bit of comic trivia. It turns out the obnoxious monkey from the awful Super Friends series was not the first alien creature of that name in the DC Universe. Nope. Check out the following from World's Finest #112:

I'm not sure where or how Gleek "attached" himself to Superman that he didn't notice that large creature dangling from him. I'm sincerely hoping Gleek simply clung to his cape, because any other explanation is going to cause me some concern.

Bonus! Another Gotham Museum with oversized accordions that actually play!:

You've got to love Gotham. They can't build a secure mental asylum to save their lives, but they certainly support the arts.

Anyway, Gleek was kind of funny because he mimicked everything Superman did:

Normally, everything Superman does is quite boring, but it's inexplicably entertaining when it's done by a green furry creature. Perhaps they were on to something.

But since this was mildly entertaining, DC couldn't tolerate it, so they bumped Gleek off:

Now, before you feel too sorry for Gleek, let's go a panel or two earlier to see how he croaked:

I need to advise you that Gleek was able to fly, rip steel beams, and become a huge monster whenever he got angry. Rather than absorb all the radiation, he simply could have carried Superman to safety.

Ergo, Gleek was fatally stupid. As far as pets go, he was less like Lassie and more like Dino from The Flintstones.

See you Monday!


Unknown said...

Hey, I've been wishing to tell you some time now that I think that your blog is lot of fun.

Thanks for keeping on with it.

Anonymous said...

nice blog, justice league is my favourite cartoon,,
keep spirit to blogging!!,,

D.B. Echo said...

OK, the banana blasters were pretty cool!