Friday, October 2, 2009

No One Pushes Bob Rumbold Around Friday!

A few more head-scratchers from World's Finest #96!

So, we have Speedy driving the Arrowcar, which never happens. And we have Green Arrow clearly drawn as the larger character on the left. Yet, Speedy is addressing Green Arrow as "Speedy." Frankly, I'm not sure who is meant to be whom. This is why there are editors, people!

Seriously, don't mess with my head with impossible things like characters switching places, getting their own names confused, or arrows spewing water despite having no water source:

Hey! What did I just say?

I'll tell you one thing:

.... Bob Rumbold doesn't have any friends, and probably has no idea why that's the case.

Never too early to teach young boys how to be sexist pigs, is it? Check it out:

That's right, kids! Women are the weaker sex! Know it! Learn it! Live it!

See you Monday!


Murfyn said...

I think that Speedy is talking to himself, vocalizing his internal monologue.
The water arrow thing is an application of nanotech; tiny machines in the arrow condense water vapor from the air and expel it from the nozzle . . .

Aurora Moon said...

did they even know of nanotechnology back then in the golden age though?

Allergy said...

I don't think a perfectly round fellow in a bow tie and yellow trousers should be making sweeping generalizations about who is weak.

Ed D. said...

Another reason there are editors: "EDALSI" is only *six* letters and the object is to make 4 *six* letter words using all *six* letters in each word.