Monday, October 19, 2009

Kill 'Em and Grill 'Em! Monday!

Wow! What a busy Monday! But not so busy that I can't take a look at World's Finest #107:

One of the many, many, myriad of reasons I don't read Superman stories is because they almost always involve aliens of some type. Aliens are not only boring, but stories about them seem desperate, like the writers can't think of anything Superman can fight unless they totally make something up.

So, aliens generally suck. Unless they're White Martians. In the DC Universe, White Martians are dang scary.

And I guess it only makes sense that in the World's Finest team-ups, Batman was along for the ride while Superman fought aliens. It's not like a story with one of Batman's villains would be much of a read.

Why, Superman, it's nice of you to visit. The Joker's on the loose and...


I've found him, rounded up his gang, destroyed his lab, deactivated his bombs and put him back in Arkham Asylum, Batman! Who's up for a latte?

You get the idea. Anyway, here's some kind of space thing Superman and Batman fought just to have something to do:

See the problem? You make it tough enough to fight Superman, and pretty soon you have to make up something to take it out. Eventually, a Superman story will just be "Superman skipped trading punches with the alien all together and simply located the weapon it took to beat him, located conveniently in the alien's own spacecraft." It will take about 1/2 a page to tell the story, and it'll cost $3.95.

But in this particular story, things go from boring to downright disturbing:

So, as long as it isn't human, it's okay to kill it? That's a pretty wide grey area for a guy who finds himself among "non-humans" about 85% of the time.

I hate alien stories. Except White Martians. White Martians is creepy.

You kids today, what with your satellite television and video games. You have no imagination. Not like back in the day:

Well, Billy, I realize I have the benefit of hindsight here, but I'm pretty sure it'll look the same as that flag with 49 stars, only with one more star.

Hey! Let's finish off this manic Monday with some Fun with Out of Context Dialogue! (tm!):

Boy, we've all been there, haven't we?

See you tomorrow!

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Brinks said...

Um...EVERY Supreman story involves at least one alien.