Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Black Avenger Wednesday!

No, I've never heard of him either, but every dog has his day. And this is the day for..... The Black Avenger!

So, this is him. From All-Winners #6:

Is it just me, or does All-Winners kind of fail to live up to its title most of the time? I certainly don't think this character was a winner. I mean, they've upped the Bitchin' Factor for almost every character ever created by a desperate cartoonist with a deadline and a mortgage to pay since 1939, but I'll wager this is the first time you've ever seen The Black Avenger.

And there's really not much to say about him, not that it's keeping me from devoting an entire day to him. I don't know why The Black Avenger wore a lot of lilac. I suppose calling yourself "The Lilac Avenger" would only get you a lot of rude and obscene gestures every time you stepped out the door, but it doesn't change that The Black Avenger wore a lot of lilac and very little black. I'd put him in the Costume Hall of Shame, but I'm afraid I'm missing some genius color scheme that's going right over my head.

Speaking of heads, I don't think he had any powers, but he could take a crowbar to the melon:

There's really no explanation as to why he has this power. I don't think it really constituted a power. He just was one of those guys that could shake off a smack to the head, I suppose. I can't imagine that being much of a power when it comes to going on the attack, but it's certainly something if you're going to be smacked from behind on a regular basis. So, um..... fear the unusual bone density of the skull of... The Black Avenger!

He did have a pretty good wit on him, though:

Hee! That was kind of a Deadpool/Spider-Man sort of remark, and we all like guys who can crack a joke, don't we? So.... fear the quick wit and unusual bone density of the skull of... The Black Avenger!

You watch..... Marvel will revive The Black Avenger, and you'll already be in the know. Making my readers that much more awesome is but one of many services of this blog. You're welcome!

See you tomorrow!


Jack_Acid said...

Acutally, Marvel/Dynamite did a story where the "New" Avengers get displaced in time and end up in 1940s Marvel U where they can't be seen or recognized because it will effect the future or some thing, its a whole cosmic cube thing. Anyway, the New Avengers disguise themselves as '40s heroes and sure enough Black Avenger is there. Who does Marvel put behind the mask? None other then Power Man himself, Luke Cage. No the irony is not lost on him either. It was the Avengers/Invaders series that finished up in June of this year. Oh and I really like your blog. Great stuff. Keep it up.

David said...

That "Say Oof!" panel is freaking hilarious, probably even more so because it's out of context here.

I've gotta make that my avatar or something.

Adam Barnett said...

J.A., you are absolutely right. The funny thing is, I just read Avengers vs. Invaders over the summer and I didn't recall Luke as the Black Avenger until you said something. You're right of course. Thanks!

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