Wednesday, July 2, 2008

All-Star Leftovers Wednesday!

More snarky goodness from All-Star Comics #3:

I'm the Atom, and I'm the only guy here without supernatural powers. Oh.... sorry, Sandman, I didn't see you there.

Poor Al Pratt pined for the most unattractive woman since Olive Oyl. Or Tila Tequila.

Now, what is up with Alan here? He's supposed to be flying, but his legs are making some sort of odd bicycling motion.

Actually, that's pretty funny. I wouldn't mind seeing more vertical flying these days if I can get people making biking or swimming motions while they do it.

Yes, fear the..... really.... big.... piece of jewelry. I don't know, just start talking!

The rest of the JSA doesn't seem too excited at the prospect of getting together again. The Flash is that one person who shows up at your Super Bowl watch party and tries to make it a regular thing. Uh, yeah... sure.... I suppose... I might have a thing that night, but I'll get back to you!

You can tell by the look on his face that the Spectre is going to ditch it....


Anonymous said...

That's funny--yeah, I'm pretty sure both the Spectre and Green Lantern are looking over Flash's shoulder to the clock on the back wall.

SallyP said... the Atom wearing a corset? I used to think that Alan's costume was a tad on the ridiculous side...he's the ONLY one on earth who can pull off THAT color combination, but Atom's costume is just silly.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely hilarious! I loved the commentary on Spectre at the end. He really does look like he's trying to think of a million other things to do.

Aaron Carine said...

You think Tila Tequila is unattractive?!? You must be mad!