Thursday, February 28, 2008

Venus & Mars Thursday!

Okay, I'm not a marketing guy (obviously, because no one has ever heard of me and I should have been famous long before now), but I would never name a lipstick "Flame."

A burning sensation on the lips, I don't need. Am I the only one thinking it probably makes you feel like you have running cold sores? What's next, "Tingly Itch" hemorrhoid cream?

I know the answer! If she calls you "nice" at any time, it could mean potentially anything but what you're hoping it means.

In this case, it means that in the future, she'll bang strange guys in front of a video camera for money and drugs, but you still won't get any lovin' beyond that condescending kiss on the cheek. Time to move on.

But when they do see me, they see me carrying a big-ass trophy. That way, they know how awesome I am!

Seriously, this was Superboy's first appearance in the story. He was apparently just flying around "on patrol," and someone either handed it to him like you hand a paper cup of Gatorade to a marathon runner, or he just got it for himself as a little pick-me-up. Either way, I'm liking him less and less each day.

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SallyP said...

I do hope that he remembers to close the hatch of that secret tunnel. Otherwise, the furnace repair guy is going to get a HECK of a surprise.