Friday, February 1, 2008

Book-Learnin' Through Comics!

Alright, you rapscallions! Just because it's Friday, it don't mean there ain't time left for some bona fide book-learnin' before'n the weekend! Courtesy of contributor sPat:

It's well established that I have no real intelligence of any practical application, but I'm pretty sure that Superboy did his research on .

Hey, let's check out the future! Wow, lookit all we accomplish by 1997! Of course, we didn't accomplish any of these things, but we had invented the "Baby on Board" sign and given the world Captain Caveman and the Teenangels by then.

Pesky, savage Native Americans. Yeah, good thing Geronimo wasn't able to repel invading forces from his homeland. That would have been a disaster in the eyes of God, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

The Rutherford Atom modeled after a planetary was discarded and superceded by the Bohr Atom in 1913 but "fuzzy regions of quantum probability" were probably too difficult to replicate, even with the awesome power of "super twist."

What I don't get is Supes calling the electrons in the Rutherford Atom are "atoms." Even an English major can see that sentence does make sense!

Anonymous said...

"planetary" = "planetary system"
"does make" = "does not make"

Next time this non-English major with make use of the preview feature...

Anonymous said...

Railbus, I was confused by the whole "atom"/"atom" thing myself at first, but I figured it was probably a typo. Besides, when Super Boy says it, it actually kind of makes... well, no, it sounds even stupider.

Wouldn't an impenetrable dome around the White House have been a bit impractical anyway? Last I checked, the president spends a fair bit of time outside the home.

If only those blasted Indians hadn't been so savage, John Clum could have just given Geronimo a tour to show how pleasant reservation life was, and they would have been clamoring to live there, just like all the white folk were.

De said...

An impenetrable dome around the White House would make those dramatic helicopter landing press conferences kind of interesting.