Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super-Feminism Tuesday!

In honor of our first potential woman President (get out and vote, by the way), here are some great contributions from sPat showing us that "they've come a long way, baby."

That's swell reasoning. Oh, no you don't! You won't die until you've sat out a prison sentence in a jail cel! After the completion of your State-imposed incarceration, I suppose you are free to die. I may even be obliged to kill you. We'll see what the Supreme Court says.

It's not like I know anything about the law, but I think Luthor's life-term sentence ended when he died (hence the term). Unless you can get a fresh sentence on Luthor for something he commits after you bring him back to life, I think he can give you the finger and walk away.

I.... have no idea what he just said. But everyone sure is yellow!

Yer durn tootin' you'd rather rely on your husband than yourself. Now go fix me some samitches!


dan said...

Is that cop reading Supergirl's thoughts?

Dave said...

Good thing she can't read his as she flies away in that short skirt.

SallyP said...

That was certainly MY question. It sure looks like a word balloon to me. Also, that cop isn't very encouraging, is he?

Adam Barnett said...

Yeah, they were really bad about the misuse of thought balloons in the super-books for some reason. I guess Kal and Kara had some kind of super-telepathy back in the day that was never really discussed. I've found so many examples of it, it quit being funny and started being rather sad.

Scott said...

We need to think outside of the thought balloon. The cop was mulling his chances with Supergirl and psyching himself up to ask her out: "Impossible! . . . But go ahead and try!"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Many a night out in my younger days I myself did hope to get a swinging bird.