Friday, February 29, 2008

Super-Bad Judgment Call Friday!

Oh, if only I had X-ray vision, and the common sense to maybe.... oh I don't know, use it to look around a bit for Kryptonite since I seem to stumble on a huge chunk of it every other issue!

Seriously, ever other rock in Smallville seemed to be made of Kryptonite, and Superboy always seemed genuinely surprised when he uncovered one.

There! I've escaped certain death by Kryptonite once again! Now I'll just move this boulder and.... oh, crap! Kryptonite again! How will I ever get out of this mess?

It's super-convenient that you can light my cigars so easily. I'll have plenty of time to remember your kindness a couple of years from now while I'm in the hospice ward pleading my case to be placed on the lung donor list.

What's next? Don't bother eating that fried food, Pa! I'll just shove the LDL cholesterol straight into your arteries with my super strength!

Hey, kids! Let's help Captain Misses-the-Obvious guess what's in the Superboy room! I'm guessing.... cabbage!


De said...

I'm guessing Lana will show him how her dress comes off.

SallyP said...

G'golly! Superboy is dumb as a rock! A rock that conveniently hides another Kryptonite rock!

xDashofPanachex said...

Wow, he's dumber than Lassie's Timmy, who kept managing to fall into wells all the time.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about Pa Kent's lungs. Capricious exposure to x-rays will finish him off long before the cigars.