Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Keepin'-Them-Womenfolk-in-Their-Place Tuesday!

First, a fond farewell to Steve Gerber, the amazing writer of the Defenders, creator of Howard the Duck (the awesome comic, not the horrible movie) and all-around good egg in the field of comics. I hope you have a stockpile of stories for us to read when we meet up with you in the Great Beyond.

This is one of the greatest panels in the history of the world. What isn't awesome about this? Every lame Superboy story I've suffered through to get to this panel is now totally worth it.

You don't have a live band, you say? I'm with the girl on this one - is this really an appropriate use of a distress signal?

One from sPat - wow, Kal really made Kara his bitch, didn't he? You shall deny your very existence unless I say otherwise! I've always thought I was a little too easy on Beloved....


De said...

"Have fun at the orphanage, Supergirl while I cavort with all manner of coolness in my Fortress. Sucks to wear a skirt, don't it?"

SallyP said...

Oh the levels of superdickery are indeed legend.

I must agree that having seasick musicians is not really the proper use of an emergency call. Pirates maybe. Or bad mayonaise.

Anonymous said...

Note to fellow musicians: before you accept a job on a cruise ship, make sure you don't suffer from seasickness. I guess it isn't really clear if this ship is out exclusively for Oswald's birthday party, but typically a gig on a ship involves being on the water for at least a little while.

And I agree with SallyP. Whoever is manning that distress signal should be fired immediately. Although who knows if Aquagirl has time in her busy schedule to bring them some fresh mayo? Maybe Supergirl. If Superman said she could.