Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Num-Nums from Fantastic Four # 3

Silver Age bad guys had a certain sense of decorum. Rather than just try and enslave mankind, they'd give you some warning. It's a sporting chance to prepare your defenses and/or make a nice casserole. It'll be at the Airport Ramada - RSVP!

Um, Chief, am I drawing some sort of paycheck from the city I don't know about? Because if not, I'm pretty sure you can kiss my stretchy behind!

Why, I BARELY had time to mousse my hair and pluck my eyebrows!

The Miracle Man is putting a lot of faith in Sparky's barking there. That may be true in the purest sense, but I have four dogs, and lemme tell ya, that "reason" is usually more along the lines of "I have to pee! Did you see that squirrel? I sure do like cookies! Mind if I roll around in that pile of cat poop?"


SallyP said...

What is my dog doing at your house?

And yeah, the commish is being awfully snotty with old Reed...if he doesn't like his work, why doesn't he get off his duff and do it himself? Hmmmmm?

Madpuppy said...

I also like how Miracle Man was polite enough to space the text so that the commissioner would have a place to put his thumb withuot blocking any of the words.