Monday, December 11, 2006

Did Anyone Actually BUY This? pt. 3

Ok, this is just wrong. And, mind you, I have always been an easy mark. My collection as a child included everything from Mego's to Micronauts to Shogun Warriors and everything in-between. I'm not a hard-sell when it comes to adventure.

But look at them. Just look at them.

It appears that their super-powers consist of being able to snap various Dirt Devil attachments to their clothing, and the ability to sport unique codpieces. Start saving your milk money now, kids!

And look at their heads. Great jumpin' heck, look at those heads! It looks like a motorcycle cop (only motorcycle cops and adult film stars of the '70s can carry off that 'stache), my old driver's ed teacher, and the guy who lives on the end of your street who lives alone and lets 13 year old kids in the neighborhood come over for video games, beer and back-rubs.

They took out full-page ads in DC comics across the board for a month or two, which is impressive, but I never saw this product in the stores. Now, of course, I totally want a complete set. Thank goodness for ebay.


SallyP said...


De said...

I bought all four issues. While I didn't have any of the toys, I did enjoy the cartoon a great deal hence why I bought it. The comic wasn't too bad but I wasn't exactly expecting Watchmen either.

David C said...

Just going by that page, it looks like an incredibly bland, generic line of toys - they wouldn't look out of place as, say, Happy Meal toys for one of the third-tier fast food chains that won't pony up cash for a licensed product, instead dashing off "Centurion Charlie and the Chicken Crew" or something.

Adam Barnett said...

I was going to ask if the mini-series promised in the add ever saw daylight. SHA-MARVY!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'll admit it. My mom had a closet full of lame cheap gifts that she would sometimes tap into for other kids birthdays (I'm 26 now, and that came out in the mid-80s, so you do the math), say a birthday party at Showbiz Pizza (which eventually became Chuck E Cheese). I was six, and had little other choice than to rely on my mom to add another box to the spoiled brats' pile of presents. Well One kid got a Centurions figure from me, and to make an understatement, he wasn't happy with it. None of the kids at the party knew what the hell it was, and he might as well have wiped his snot-streaked face with it and thrown it away. That's my Centurions story, thank you for conjuring up this horrible memory from my extremely weird childhood. Feels almost therapudic, in a loser sort of way. Hats off for finding this ad!!!!!!