Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I Stand Corrected

For what I'm sure will not be the last time, I stand corrected. I had earlier mocked the value of Sue swinging a vase against the Skrulls. Apparently, when she gets a good warmup going, she is able to lay a smack down with an ordinary vase like she was swinging Thor's hammer:

Don't be so modest, Sue! "Hit a vulnerable spot," indeed! You gave him a ceramic bitch-slap he won't forget any time soon!

As Kirby promised, I flipped over that yarn!

I'm digging your scene, too, Johnny boy! You're the ginchiest! However, although I don't mean to harsh your mellow:

..... mirages don't work that way.


SallyP said...

Yes, Victor, it WAS brilliant of you to design a suit of armor that is vulnerable to a woman swinging a vase. Oh the shame.

Brit said...

If I was a hero in the Marvel U I'd never let him live that down. In fact I think in every comic he ever appears in someone should respond to his megalomaniacal threats with "Hey, didn't Sue Storm once take you down with a VASE?"

I'm sure the whole vase incident has been retconned out though.

Also, how do I know that's Lee and Kirby? I'm not even sure I want to mmet them if that's them, because they've just duped me into looking at their asses. "Ha, ha, true believers, check out the junk in THESE trunks! Excelsior!"

Anonymous said...

Give the doctor a break, the vase is obviously adamantium or something on account that it's still intact.