Friday, October 10, 2014

The Dubious Decisions of the Batman

Let's end this week with a look at the classic Batman #48:

Batman, you're Bruce Wayne!

That's right! . . . I mean, nonsense!  What makes you say that?

That's a cross-section of Wayne Manor, a local landmark everyone who lives in the area knows about!

No it isn't!  No it isn't!

But the house right there is clearly labelled, "WAYNE HOME."

Hmmmm.... I wondered if this seminar wasn't a bad idea.  Now I'll have to have you all killed.  Oh, well... Live and learn!

Speaking of which, I had criticized Bats yesterday for his strategically-questionable choice of putting a big pigeon or something on the top of a diving helmet.  In this issue, we see him use surprisingly rational strategy:

Well... That's That. (tm!)

Why he wouldn't use that method every time is way beyond our abilities to understand.  I guess when you pay a lot of money for a whole crime lab, you don't want to admit you'd be more effective with a dog you could rescue for next to nothing from the local animal shelter.  Then you look like kind of a chump.

Do that, by they way.  Rescue a dog or cat from your local shelter.

See you Monday!

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