Friday, October 24, 2014

Our Blog is Hijacked! Sorta. Not Really. Forget I Said Anything.

It's Batman #122, and we're talking like pirates!

No, not really.  But we are having Batman fight alongside a Viking, a Centurion, a Pirate, and... well, I'm not sure who the Asian fellow is.  He kind of showed up later.  All that matters is that it was awesome!

But then along comes Hijack and the awesomeness ends:

Wow.  Get a load of that get-up.  Immediate entrance into the CMNS Costume Hall of Shame (tm!) for you!

And it's not that there are very many guys who can go toe-to-toe with Batman, but this guy clearly wasn't anticipating any resistance.  I guess he thought his opponents would be doubled-over with laughter at his costume and unable to raise a hand against him.

But here's his big play:

Oh, no!  Not a smoke bomb!

Frankly, I'm embarrassed on Batman's behalf that it worked.  Really, Bats?  I realize he's not exactly Killer Croc there, but Hijack is the kind of guy who shouldn't draw any blood on you at all.  Know what I mean?

And then we see that.... oh, just let it happen:

Really?  His name was Jack Spade?  And he chose to establish a secret identity with that motif?  Really?  I'm not sure you get credit for detective work if that's all there was to it.  That's the sort of clue I'd expect to be left for Scooby and the gang.

Ugh.  We'll try it again on Monday!  See you then!


anthrax2525 said...

All that, and you fail to mention they're all fighting *on a submarine*?

The submarine is what makes it all! A big brawl on a ship's deck? That's old hat. On a submarine deck, now that's novel!

Adam Barnett said...

So much awesomeness I couldn't describe it all!

BatmanisBw said...

My favorite blog to read after work.