Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bruce Wayne: Co-Dependent

The thing about having a blog for a while is ... well, I forget sometimes that I've gone through certain comics before.  I try to stay organized about it, but then I get a hankering for something new and ... well, it turns out I've gone through a chunk of Batman comics some years back.  Whoops!  How I didn't end up repeating myself, I don't know.

Anyway, it appears that I pooped out around issue #120, so we'll jump to that:

Bruce had a demanding elderly relative who criticized Bruce's life choices.  We have no idea what that's like, do we?  Find me an elderly person who isn't telling everyone else how they should be living their lives.  That would be a story.

Anyway, here's my question:

So, Batman takes down the robot and... that's it.

Excuse me?  Why is Professor Sheckley getting a pass on his rampaging killer robot?  We never find out.  Three-story killer robots are as common as hot dog carts in Metropolis, so I guess we're just supposed to chalk that up to life in Gotham.

Meanwhile, Bruce keeps doing risky things to gain the approval of this old coot (because that's such an emotionally healthy and worthwhile endeavor), and we run into this old device:

What?  Bruce and Batman together?  Madness!

Wait... nope, it's Alfred:

And I'm okay with that, except... that mask Alfred was wearing was a full face-mask, not just a cowl.  I can appreciate that this works from a distance, or chaos has appropriately ensued to distract people, but the man walked into a room full of reporters and had full-on conversations while no one said a thing.  I'm starting to think the journalists in Gotham aren't very good at their jobs.

But this, my friends, was one for the highlight reel:

Yes, there is no more beautiful moment than when you place a firearm in the hand of a child for the first time.  'Murica.

See you tomorrow!


Smurfswacker said...

I believe Alfred made use of Batman's spare Prosthetic Square Chin (tm).

Adam Barnett said...

Would it be the BAT-Spare Proesthetic Square Chin (tm!) when Batman uses it?