Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wook at the Pwetty Wattwe!

Let's start our look at Pep Comics #51 with a rare installment of He Probably Should Have Seen That Coming (tm!):

He Probably Should Have Seen That Coming.  (tm!)

Meanwhile... Hey!  Let's Learn Something! (tm!)

That was quite a reaction from Dusty, so I did a little research on The Google, and learned that fear of babies and children is a real thing called pedophobia.  I think it became widespread after the introduction of the "Baby Secret" Doll:

We Just Learned Something! (tm!)

I would imagine that by now, the entire Pep Comics readership was wondering to whom they would speak about getting their dimes back.

Uh-oh!  Someone's on the phone!  You know what that means!

Yup.  Savvy CMNS readers know that more people die talking on the phone than slip in the bathtub.

How awesome would it be if the story ended there with Dusty getting strangled?  Come to think of it, let's end it there!  Dusty's dead!  YAY!

Okay, we all know he didn't really die but we're going to pretend for the rest of the day.  Deal?

See you tomorrow!

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