Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dusty! Get a Grip on Yourself! (No, Not THAT Way!)

Let's take a look at the Shield story from Pep Comics #50!:

Whatever could it be?

I think Dusty is living out a scene from Trainspotting.

Just ride it out, Dusty!  Put on some Pink Floyd and eat some nacho cheese Doritos!

I'm being unfair, of course.  Upon further investigation, Joe finds:

Quick, Joe!  Throw the bottle down a storm drain!  No one ever has to know!

But some mad scientist who decided to randomly shrink Dusty decides to do the same thing to Joe, and they both find themselves in the bottle together:

Shut up, Dusty.  (tm!)

Anyway, with no help whatsoever from Dusty, the Shield gets free and proceeds to lay the hurt on the bad guy...

While Dusty doesn't do much of anything.  Gee, quelle surprise!

I do, however, love the off-camera sound effects.

Technically, life itself is taking us into the future, Dusty.  I just blew your mind, didn't I?

But, as will come as a great surprise to no one, the Spectacular Boy Detective screwed up and ends up sending everyone into the past.  On the plus side, we get to see the Shield fight a dinosaur: 

Let that dinosaur feed, Shield!  LET HIM FEED, I SAY!

And, it turns out....

well... first let's savor the Fun with Out of Context Dialogue / Artwork! (tm!)(tm!)

Okay, back to the story.

And, it turns out...

It was all just a dream... or WAS it? (tm!)

See you tomorrow!

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