Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Superman, King of the Seas!

Superman cares not for the turf of other super-heroes in Action Comics #244:

Aquaman?  I put him to work polishing this throne of mine, which also doubles as a toilet.  Because when you live in the ocean,it's a given that you can just poop anywhere.

They came from Water World?  You mean:

No, because that would have been awesome.

And here's a little something I like to call Excessive Use of Superpowers! (tm!)

Or.... he could have just flown up to the surface, made a quick phone call or left a note on Perry White's desk, and been back down before anyone noticed he was gone.  But had he done that, he would have missed out on the opportunity to put his name in giant letters on the ocean, and we all know by now how much Superham loves to send out gigantic press releases!

You'll keep the air pump going for me!

Whatever you say, Jimmy... whatever you say.

It has running water through all the rooms!  Did I mention that it's okay to poop wherever you want down here?

Let's check in on Jerry the Jitterbug!

Oh, Jerry... you may have some mad jitterbuging skills, but your style with romancing the ladies needs serious help.

See you tomorrow! 

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MarvelX42 said...

Hey, it worked for Joan Jett