Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Every Child Must Pay Homage to Superman Under Penalty of Death!

After the last couple of days, you may be wondering what Superman does when he gets bored building gigantic monuments to himself.  Well, being the crack comic historian that I am, I have an answer:

He overthrows small nations and remakes them in his own image.

No need to thank me, folks!  I'm just doing my job.


The hazing of Archie Andrews continues.  Bullying Archie became quite the recurring theme in Pep Comics, but remember folks... Archie ends up running the joint.  But in the interim, the Shield is being quite the jerk.  Don't do what the Shield does, kids.

But first, let's watch the Shield give Dusty a Random Sucker Punch! (tm!)

It's always worth noting when Dusty is on the receiving end of a Random Sucker Punch! (tm!)

As I was flipping through that particular issue, I noticed that Archie and Jughead had this exchange:

... and it wasn't the first time I saw it.  So, I did a little perusal on The Google and discovered that this was a catch phrase from the Archie radio program.  Check it out... it's the first thing they say:

I have nothing but props for the Archie Andrews radio show, because the thing ran for ten years and that's pretty impressive.  But I have to admit, their voices don't sound like they do in my head.


This guy's photo should have "DO NOT APPROACH! CALL THE AUTHORITIES IF SEEN!" under it.

What is the "rythmagraph" method, anyway?  Is it dirty?  It sounds dirty.  Considering the photo, I'm pretty sure it's dirty to the degree where the local vice squad would get involved.  And goodness knows, I have enough trouble with them as it is already!  So I'll leave you to it, Professor Ruben.  Love your sandwiches!

See you tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Actually Archie's voice does sound a lot like I always imagined it.

Jughead's, however, was nowhere near what I imagine.

Smurfswacker said...

First time I ever heard an Archie radio show. Jughead's voice sounds like the voice they used to use for stupid young boys (like 6 or 7 years old). Weird!

Ric said...

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