Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thou Shalt Not Disparage the Name of Jack-in-the-Box in My Presence!

From Golden Age Phantom Lady #21, we have....

.... oh, just read it.

Jack in the Box?  Does Senator Knight have a craving for a Jumbo Jack, or two-for-a-buck tacos?  Well, I'm sure he does... I mean, *I* certainly do on a regular basis, but that's not what he's talking about at all.

No, he's talking about this guy:

Yes, that's Jack-in-the-Box, and he is indeed running around with a big ol' box around his waist.  You'd think that this would compromise maneuverability and would therefore be quite impractical out in the field, but....

... I'm sorry, I'm still thinking about getting a Jumbo Jack.  I loves me some Jack-in-the-Box.

Focus, Adam!  Focus!

Anyway, the character wasn't really any fun, although we can see that Jack appreciated a good parade, unlike some people I could mention.

And while I know I've driven this point into the ground many times over, I just can't let this go.

Keep in mind that the Phantom Lady is talking to two men who, in her civilian secret identity of which they purportedly have no knowledge, are her boyfriend and father: 

She's standing right there, in the light, talking to them face-to-face.

And then this happens....

Does she even change hair styles?  How do you stand in a room  and carry on a discussion with your girlfriend or daughter and not recognize her when she's not even wearing a mask? This is the kind of scene you see with a toddler, where you pretend they totally faked you out when they totally didn't, but the Senator and Don are genuinely clueless.  Clark Kent gets a lot of ribbing for his flimsy "glasses" disguise, but this is the worst case of collective blindness I'll wager you'll find in comics.

Blarg.... must have Jumbo Jack... will feel much better after having Jumbo Jack....

See you tomorrow!

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