Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fear My Huskiness!

I wanted to take a second to clear up an apparent ambiguity about how I run ye old CMNS railroad, because of a recent post where several folks thought I had Photoshopped dialog.

I am not above manipulating images for the sake of a joke, as has been tradition since the very first Fun with Out of Context Dialogue (tm!) up to the very recent addition of the CMNS Saga in Three Panels (tm!).  But one thing I don't do is manipulate text or artwork.  It would be a cheap way to get laughs and I'm too lazy I'm better than that.  So, while I'll take panels out of context and occasionally trim distractions, the dialogue and artwork that is presented is substantially as I found it.

'Salright?  'Salright.

What I enjoy about doing this blog is I learn new stuff all the time.  And after 40 years of comic readin', that's saying something!  For example, check this out from Action Comics #106:

I, for one, just always assumed Superman could see in the dark.  How about that?

Meanwhile, check out this bit from Golden Age Green Lantern #6.  In these older comics, I'm rather used to heroes taking the law into their own hands by saving citizens the expense of a trial and lengthy appeals by casually killing criminals, but this was a new one:  

Yes, Green Lantern was not above giving you a lobotomy with that ring of his.  Remember how bananas half the Justice League was about doing it to Dr. Light during Identity Crisis?  Heck, Green Lantern was apparently doing it for 60 years prior!

I was reading Major Victory Comics #3, which I think is the last issue.  And from out of nowhere, we're plopped right into the middle of something called Rocket Boy.

He's "husky"?  My mom used to buy me clothes for "husky" boys, and that's not something I wanted to be my calling card, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, we just jump right into this thing.  We're told in two panels that his dad is missing in Africa and for some reason, Rocketboy has a jet pack.... oh, excuse me.... "helicopter."

I'm sorry, but that's a jet pack if I've ever seen one.

Anyway, I did some digging, being the bastion of comic journalism that I am, and learned that Rocketboy was a spin-off of RocketMAN, who had no vacancies for a sidekick because he tooled around with his niece, RocketGIRL.  Anyway, that's where he got the ... *ahem*... "helicopter."

Anyway, we're apparently picking up on a storyline that started in a couple of issues of Scoop Comics and then finished in an issue of Punch Comics.  So, if all you had handy was this one and only appearance in Major Victory Comics, you'd have been as confused as I.  No wonder I'd never heard of this kid.

Husky though he may be.

See you tomorrow!

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