Friday, August 2, 2013

"It's Not Necessary to Hold Your Pants That Way, Boys! I Have X-Ray Vision!"

Hey!  It's time for some Fun with Out of Context Artwork (tm!) from Superman v1 #170, courtesy of contributor Robert Gillis!

Yeah, that's just wrong.  I took the dialogue out, but this is otherwise entirely on Robert.  Good stuff, Robert!

Golden Age Phantom Lady #16 had a back-up "true crime" story about some femme fatale in the 1940's named Louise Fowler who went on quite the crime spree.  I tried to find more info about her, but came up empty on the old Google.  So, we just have to take it on faith that she said awesome things like this:

and had great moments like this:

Seriously, she was a terrible person.  She killed a couple of folks and got the gas chamber.  It's a very disturbing story.  I'm not sure why it was in comic book meant for children.

Ah, well.  Taking us out today, we have the Ned Flanders Chorus!:

And if you don't know who Ned Flanders is or why that's funny, I can't help you.  The Simpsons has been on nearly 25 years.

See you Monday!


Super-Duper ToyBox said...


Marionette said...

I'm not sure why it was in comic book meant for children.

That would be because it wasn't meant for children. In the 1940s the biggest audience for comics was the army.

Sure, there were funny animal comics, and superhero titles like Superman had a wide audience, but we are talking Phantom Lady here.

And yes, that panel has been photoshopped.

Adam Barnett said...

Well, the second panel has been Photoshopped a bit... I often take out dialogue balloons if they're distracting to what I'm trying to illustrate. In this case, it was her husband complaining to her about getting caught stealing.

I don't know that there is any hard data that most comic book readers were in the army in the 1940s. The ads are all over the place in terms of giving us a clue as to who the target audience is, but the perception was that comics were for children... just ask Dr. Frederic Wertham :-)

Adam Barnett said...

To be clear about the second panel... I didn't alter Louise Fowler's dialog in any way.