Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shucks and Potatoes Wednesday!

From All-Winners #16, we once again see why the 1940's were the Golden Age of Comics:

That rocked my world. I think they missed a bet not giving Agatha Whitley and her class of produce-profanityin' schoolchildren their own series. Swoon!

See you tomorrow!


Aurora Moon said...

Yet another Sub-Mariner post where I again complain about his looks. :p
I often wondered why the heck the Sub-Mariner was drawn so damn ugly in contrast to the more normal-looking humans. I mean, He was related to the same race as Aquaman yet Aquaman doesn't even look the same way he does. He was so much better looking when he first appeared:
So this shows me that this specific artist choose to draw him this way... WHY?????!!!! =(

SallyP said...

I thought that Miss Whitley certainly kept her cool when her classroom was invaded by a freakish half-naked manfish. THAT'S a super heroine!

RossS said...

@Aurora Moon - I was thinking the same thing. I never understood the wings on his ankles either. They look cool, but that's about it.

Anonymous said...

If he didn't have wings on his ankles he couldn't fly, DUH.