Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kids are People! Stupid People! Wednesday!

Lois Lane....

No one man could have her.

No one man could tame her.

No one man could could satisfy her darkest passions.

Yes, Lois Lane:

.... in other words, she was a floozy.

Sometimes, there is a panel that is so rife with possibilities, that you just can't pick one joke. Here is such a panel, courtesy of World's Finest #141:

So, I'll just leave it to you. Insert your own "Oliver gives Lois the pearl necklace" joke here. And no, mom, I'm not going to explain why that's so funny. It just is.

The next issue had the debut of the Composite Superman, who I always thought was kind of awesome, even though it made no sense that he didn't have the powers of either Superman or Batman. If you have the powers of all of the Legion of Super-Heroes, it's very misleading to look (and call yourself) a composite of two people who weren't part of the roster. But that's villainy for you:

You know, I'm pretty sure that, although the mask may be impervious to Superman's X-ray vision, you can get a pretty good idea of what he looks like under there, seeing as how the mask only covers one-fourth of his face.

And Robin pipes in with this latest from the Department of the Obvious:

Yeah, we noticed he was green, kid. That was kind of hard to miss. Go detail the Batmobile or something until we need your super-astute powers of observation again.

Hey! Let's Learn Something! (tm!)

If I were the scoutmaster, I just would have sent Bob on a snipe hunt. He's very annoying. That's probably one of many reasons I'm not a scoutmaster.

See you tomorrow!


Johnny said...

Why the FV3K does GA have a mini hoover arrow in his quill? What manner of emergency would call for that?
Criminal Dust-busting?

And why's the scout master snickering in the last panel like he knows something the other boys (and the readers) don't?
A little secret perhaps?

Zocktastic said...


I think Robin's pointing out that the Composite's face looked like that of Brainiac 5 was actually rather perceptive. Perhaps the better question is "How does he KNOW about Brainiac 5?" To my knowledge, he's never met any of the Legion. And I have 1500 pages of Legion comics sitting on my shelf. Can somebody prove me wrong here? Am I jumping to conclusions?

Jake said...

I like to imagine that Superman would talk about his exploits with the Legion of Superheroes to Batman, who in turn would sit silently in the Batcave, watching Robin train and wonder if the prepubescent kid in the pixie shorts is going to be his legacy.

Also, he does have Superman's powers, since Superboy was a member of the Legion, and he points out when he fights Superman that since he has his powers, plus Mon-El's and Ultra Boy's, he's three times as strong as Superman.

Allergy said...

"Where did he get all those super powers?"

I think K-Mart had a special on them.

Oh, and "special shaft." Hee hee.