Friday, December 18, 2009

Have Thread and Uterus, Will Sew Friday!

Sorry, gang, but this will be the last post until Monday, December 28th because of the Christmas holiday. Hopefully, Beloved will actually let me rest up a bit during this break and I'll come back strong!

Strong like heroes, especially comic book heroes, who do their heroic deeds for no reward, no thanks, no acclaim....

.... but they never seem to turn down a big-ass statute made out of precious metals. That, they'll accept.

Sometimes, writers know they're pushing the envelope, so they try and give you an explanation right out of the gate to avoid answering letters later:

You ever get an answer to a question that really just leads to more questions?

So, have a great holiday season, Dear Ones. And remember to be thankful that, at least as far as we know....

.... not even Roy Thomas has tried to bring back these characters! Don't you love how the first thing out of Windlass' mouth is her intent to sew up Superman's costume? Because sewing is what chicks do!

From World's Finest #160, 162 and 163, for those of you scoring at home.

Best wishes! Stay safe, and I'll see you December 28th!