Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm Not Leaving Until I Find Lorenzo Bagg Monday!

Howdy! I hope everyone is rested up, because there's plenty of goodness from Batman #58 and 59!

But first, can someone tell me where in the Blue Heck I'm supposed to find Lorenzo Bagg??

Oh. All right, then. I suppose that settles that. Moving on.

You know how I'm always saying that guys who dress in formal wear are much more badass than the guys who dress in tights? There is an exception to every rule.

Ladies and gents, I give you the first appearance of Deadshot:

As any Secret Six reader will tell you, Deadshot is seriously awesome. But he actually sat dormant for a good thirty years or so, a forgotten one-shot bad guy (putting him in league with The Gong), until he was given a revival and a bitchin' costume upgrade:

This does not vindicate the Golden Age Sandman's purple and yellow tights debacle in any way, shape or form. I think I'm just saying the hood does a nice job of covering up that little mustache. I loves me some Deadshot.

Here's a Batman head-scratcher:

Batman wears two uniforms? Seriously? All the time? That sounds terribly restrictive to me.

In the future, they can go one step beyond DNA:

That's right. Your pore pattern will be used to identify you. Because nothing stays as steadfast as your pore pattern.

To be fair, I imagine that if we explained DNA evidence to people of that time, it would be considered totally outlandish. Although why the "pore pattern" sounded like a good idea, I don't know.

Ahhhhh... to be back at my post and snarky. It's like a hug from a bunny. It really is.

See you tomorrow!


SallyP said...

Aw heck, Batman probably wears three or four uniforms...just in case!

The Freshwater said...

I just LOVE your blog!!!

Allergy said...

Is Batman breaking the 4th wall by referring to The Joker as a "character"?

Why are convenient props so often explained with a "good thing I always carry..." speech? I mean, wouldn't Robin already know that Batman wears two uniforms? They sleep in the same freaking bed, for crying out loud.

How about: "Good thing the writer forgot to prepare for this scene until now, necessitating awkward back story conversation!"

Zocktastic said...

Welcome back, Adam!

I thought so too, at first, but maybe Batman is just using character facetiously. As in "Oh that Joker! What a character! He blew up the hospital... Again!"

Nathan said...

Batman must sweat a lot under both of those costumes. Or did part of his martial arts training include the ability to withstand heat and constricting clothing?

I never saw the episode in question, but a friend of mine in college told me that the Adam West Batman once wore Bat Thermal Underwear while fighting Mr. Freeze.