Monday, December 14, 2009

Imaginary Pants Monday!

And now, courtesy of World's Finest #143, I am proud to give you a Great Moment in Comics!(tm!)

Well, that is an awkward moment if ever there was one. I'm curious as to where it might be going, yet afraid at the same time.

You know how Friday I talked about how they kind of recycled plots? I also forgot to mention that they just kind of said, "to heck with it" and started using "imaginary stories" whenever the creative well was running dry:

I'm not the most level-headed person out there, but I always thought that all stories in comics were imaginary unless they specifically stated otherwise. In any respect, these stories were usually even more pointless than usual. It's kind of like watching a "very special" episode of Full House.

You may have noticed that whenever Clark Kent or Peter Parker are shedding their clothes to reveal the costume underneath, they never show pant removal. Do you know why?

Here's why:

There are some things that just never look cool. Pants removal is one of them. Thanks to All-Winners #14 for the visual aid.

See you tomorrow!


SallyP said...

Ok, that last one with Namor is simply hilarious. The look on that poor man's face!

Zocktastic said...

Actually, I've always been fond of the whole idea of the "What If" scenarios. It allows the writers to really play around with some unique and creative ideas without mucking up the continuity.

Judging from the source material, though, these were probably all just really really lame and silly. Oh well, at least this way we can avoid the old "See? Batman and Superman weren't really fighting. It was all a trick. Yeah, again. Surprised, aren't you?" Ironically, not having to make any dang sense makes it more tolerable.

Joe S. Walker said...

Why does Sub-Mariner need help taking off his own trousers anyway? OK, he doesn't wear them often, but it's not that hard to remember how...

SallyP said...

It seems as if Namor is actually a Barbie-type doll, the old-fashioned kind, where the knees didn't bend. YOU try taking off your pants without bending your knees!

The Fastest Centaur Alive said...

I've always enjoyed the Imaginary Stories. It does allow the writers to escape the fundamental passage of time problem in comics.

And I didn't know Namor owned trousers.

Cormac Brown said...

Uh, seriously, Bat Man Jr. couldn't do a backflip off of the seesaw? Not to mention, knowing kids, if Superman Jr. picked on him about three too many times, Bat Man Jr. would've came up with that Kryptonite Batarang sooner than his alternate universe father did.