Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nude Pictures of Megan Fox Monday!

Okay, I don't really have nude pictures of Megan Fox. I just wanted to get this message out, and I figured I'd attract a few extra Googlers that way:

I will say this once: If you are using the Redbox, and you have no idea what movie you want, common courtesy dictates you step aside to make up your stupid mind and let others play through. I stared at the back of this guy's head for a good ten minutes while he scrolled around aimlessly and a line of 8 people built up behind him. There is a concept called "justifiable homicide," and I'm sure that if I had given him a whoop-ass like I so desperately wanted, no jury would have ever convicted me.

There are people that do that at the movies, too. They hold up the ticket window by asking a bunch of damn fool questions that they can answer themselves just be reading the descriptions that are posted. These people transcend "douche" and move up to pure grade "a-hole." So, don't be that person. I'd hate to lose my shoe up your ass.

You know who has too much fun? 1950's Batman:

There's just far too much frivolity here. Not that I blame him for trying to impress the chicas.

Check out Dad's smooth moves here:

Yeah, no way Jimmy is ever going to suspect he's getting a bike for Christmas with that kind of subtlety.

It's time for a new feature on CMNS I like to call A Great Moment in Comics! (tm!):

Don't eff with a parrot in Mexico. Many tourists make that mistake. But Batman is rockin' that mustache! He's looking a lot like Jimmy's Dad, Buyer of Bicycles and Smoker of Pipes. I just noticed that.

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

You know, any day now, Grant Morrison will announce a 12-issue mini-series, remaking that "Mexican Batman vs the Talking Parrot" story.

Murfyn said...

That also would have been good Out of Context Dialogue (tm).

Anonymous said...

Headlights. Cuz every kid rides their bike in the dark.

Also, interesting how men used to call their wife's mother. Psychological damage? You be the judge.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Shockmaster Fork. My new superhero name.

RossS said...

True story: dad's in Vietnam, mom takes me to Sears, while we're there she "wants my opinion for a friend who has a special little boy" on stingray bikes they have for sale. Being a kid, I was an expert. So, we go over the various models. Come Christmas day, there was my "recommendation". Yeah, I might have been naive about the whole thing. I wouldn't change it. And we did need headlights, the faster you pedaled the brighter they got! Things were different then, we played outside after dark.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Are those mexicans? Are those pirates? Are they Mexican Pirates?

Al Ewing said...

Please tell me the parrot was the gang leader. That would put him up there with the Joker as Batman's Greatest Villain.

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