Friday, November 13, 2009

They Look Friendly Enough Monday!

Let's say for a second that an alien lands in your backyard. What do you do?

Do you: (a) Hide and call the authorities for help
(b) Arm yourself as a precaution before approaching them
(c) Take whatever object of unknown origin or purpose they give you and put it around your own neck, hoping that it doesn't scramble your brains or quickly constrict your airways and choke the life out of you?

I presume that most of us have enough sense to do (a) or (b). Not Batman:

Probably universal translators. Or shock collars. Whatever. We won't know until we slip these noose-like devices around our throats, will we?

You know what's even more amazing that aliens. This:

Mind you, I have never seen Bruce Wayne so much as make his own peanut butter sandwich when Alfred is around, but he does his own landscaping? Really?

Tune in next time when:

That's right. Random Ray Usage!(tm!) With Bonus Disfigurement! (tm!)

Because if you're a super-villain, that makes a lot more sense than coming up with a ray that will just kill a guy.

See you tomorrow!


SallyP said...

Well SOMEONE has to get rid of the bodies...Alfred can't be everywhere!

D.B. Echo said...

"Action costume"? That's like hearing George Lucas consistently refer to lightsabers as "laser swords."

The Fastest Centaur Alive said...

"Action costume" implies that there is also a "dress costume" for Robin. I mean, Robin doesn't have multiple costumes - he doesn't even get a utility belt!

Anonymous said...

That's not landscaping.

Batman is clearly in the middle of a game of quidditch.


Tom K Mason said...

According to Wertham, that's not landscaping, it's gardening. And perhaps "action costume" isn't the Robin outfit...