Saturday, November 28, 2009

How I Spent My Thanksgiving Vacation Monday!

Goodness, what a week it was! It was far from relaxing, but I got a lot done and sometimes that has to be just as good. Let's catch up a bit.

First, here is my mom-in-law's dog, Charlie. He watches tv:

We were watching the Dog Show on Thanksgiving, and Charlie systematically went bananas whenever he saw some dog on television he considered offensive.

Did some Black Friday shopping, and saw a few things. I'm surprised anyone buys this:

So, am I to understand that young girls are going to sleep with their heads in direct proximity to that image? I would wake up screaming if I happened to awaken in the middle of the night and saw this:

Sweet dreams, Ellie May!

I also found this at a grocery store. This is the most awesomely truthful thing I've ever read:

Excuse me, but "Grilled Meat Patty"? I appreciate that you aren't trying to fool me, but that's a little vague. What poor animal wandered onto the grounds of the Banquet Frozen Foods Factory and found themselves in this situation? I didn't read the ingredients list because, frankly, I'm afraid of the truth.

As you can see, I got a lot done. I woke up at 4 a.m. to snag some deals on Black Friday. Beloved made the mistake of leaving me in the line to just "go check on one last thing" and missed her opportunity to check out with me. So, here's a shot of Beloved waiting for her turn in line:

That's her drinking the coffee. She can tolerate almost anything as long as she gets coffee from QuikTrip. Seriously, it's only a buck or so and it's awesome. I'm surprised Starbucks is making it at all around here.

I had almost forgotten for a moment that you tune in for stuff about comics. Well, don't worry. I would never leave you hanging:

I have no idea what a "flitter fun bag" is, but I'm not touching Wolverine's "fun bag" under any circumstances.

Now, check this out:

Spider-Man's looking pretty proud to be hawking generic crayons. I suppose one should always take pride in one's work, but no matter how much you puff out your chest, that's still a bag of generic crayons. And of all the female characters in the Marvel Universe, why do they always resort to Sue? Is she really the most notable female character Marvel has?

I scored a few Black Friday goodies, but my most hopeful purchase was my fifteen dollar video Ipod knock-off, upon which I shall put on the entire Pink Lady and Jeff series:

I'm not used to seeing Hugh Hefner at less than 127 years of age, but there you go. The fact that he outlived the chimp from BJ and the Bear just gives me further reason to conclude that the universe is monstrously unfair.

Actually, I have no idea if the Bear is alive or not. That kind of information is surprisingly difficult to find. But it doesn't take additional research to learn that Jeff Altman was one of the least funny comics ever. The fact that he was able to make any kind of living at all gives me hope that I'll be able to start a second career doing stand-up someday.

And what did Pink Lady and Jeff have to do with comics? Why, one of the writers was none other than prolific comic scribe Mark Evanier! Didn't think I'd be able to pull that off, did you? Aren't you glad I rested up over the holiday to give you this bit of awesomeness?

I'm very glad to be back. See you tomorrow!


Elizabeth said...

Quick, name Marvel's most notable female character.

Zocktastic said...

My buddy and I both say "Hi, Charlie!" Would you convey that message to him when next you see him? Thank you kindly.

Good to have you back Adam. Glad to see you encountered Black Friday face-to-face and came out alive.

De said...

So what was the Thanksgiving repast like at stately Barnett Manor?

Michael Jones said...">Pink Lady but never seen them with Jeff! Cheers for that, however painful it might have been.
(Sorry, didn't close the link properly!)

Michael Jones said...

Screwed up again, so I give up!

Anonymous said...

hi honey....

Glad we got that camera phone for you.

It's the gift that keeps giving and giving.