Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Know How to Make the Eggs! Tuesday!

Did everyone catch Heroes last night? I thought we had seen a major plot shift, then they showed me in the previews how they were going to undo everything the following week. Way to kill the suspense, NBC!

Speaking of television, I know I'm not the only Hell's Kitchen fan here, but apparently what old Gordon Ramsey does to the contestants on that show is nothing compared to what they did back in the Golden Age:

Yes, if you didn't guard your egg-making secrets carefully, you risked outliving your usefulness. That's some hardcore culinary school they had going on there.

More from All-Winners #10:

I can understand why many young readers tended to forget that the Human Torch wasn't human at all, and was therefore not subject to the rules of life and death like everything in the Animal Kingdom. But since Toro was around the Torch 24/7, you'd think he'd be able to remind himself at a time like this that all the Torch probably needs is a quick run to Jiffy Lube.

Will Namor ever run out of fish-related expletives? Not today, he won't!:

This is actually one of my favorites. I'd like to see a thundering tadpole.

I don't show a lot of panels from the Destroyer stories because, while they weren't great, they didn't reach the level of silliness we've grown to expect from this site. But here, they more than made up for lost time.

For starters, how can anyone not see through this disguise? I mean, the guy didn't take off his face mask, which covers his entire head. It's the same side of the coin as the Starman "complete lack of face covering yet people still don't recognize me" situation. Yet, because it is the Golden Age, no one sees through the Destroyer's clever ruse.

This is a great dialog exchange:

I also like it because the Destroyer has to divest himself of every last stitch of the stolen uniform before he's recognized. People didn't jump to conclusions back then.

And here we push the envelope with the same disguise flaw, made worse by the fact that there isn't even a hat or a helmet covering the Destroyer's mask.

But you know, I just can't argue with success.

And we finish it off with this triumph:

See? Not only does the guard not recognize the Destroyer, he actually thinks the Destroyer is a particular person (a General, no less!). This is one of those situations that is so ridiculous, we would have hid it from our friends back in the 70's and the 80's. But these days, it borders on awesome. Time vindicates dang near everything if you wait long enough.

See you tomorrow!


SallyP said...

Thundering...tadpoles? I think that Namor is stretching...just a little.

Zocktastic said...

I like how everyone, including the narrator, refers to this guy by his full name at all times.
"Now to go see Frank Piraud."
"Hello, I have an urgent message for Frank Piraud."
"You have an urgent message for Frank Piraud? Then perhaps we'd better take you to see Frank Piraud."
"I am Piraud."
Everybody except the man himself, of course.

The phrase "thundering tadpoles" just makes me think of this horrible thing: http://pikmin.wikia.com/wiki/Smoky_Progg

Elizabeth said...

"Jawhol" sounds like a side-effect of chewing tobacco.

(It's Jawohl, which comic writers really ought to know, given that they use a total of five German words when writing Nazi dialogue.)

Jack Norris said...

Don't let people watch you cook unless you want to be replaced by... some sort of llama-man?