Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Giant Inflatable Hand Thursday!

I've got some very busy days at work, so I'm writing posts ahead of time. It sure would help if I had a picture of Batman and Robin paddling the Pacific in a giant inflatable hand.

Oh, wait, here's one:

Thanks, World's Finest #125! I can understand why Batman is going to all that trouble - I mean, if I came upon a giant inflatable hand, I'd make some efforts to take it home as well. You never know.

But let's turn back a few pages, to see where said hand came from:

So, Batman and Robin are trapped in the grip of a giant inflatable hand? Don't they have edged Batarangs, miniature welding torches and all other kinds of things they could use to just pop the silly thing? Either all these team-ups in World's Finest with Superman have caused them to regress to a state of learned helplessness or....

.... well, maybe they didn't want to damage the giant inflatable hand because they wanted to take it home. I suppose that's possible. Never mind. Here's a picture of Chet Atkins in a familiar pose:

I'm not sure why an advertiser thought a picture of Chet Atkins in a familiar pose would sell anything, but I do know this: That is a picture of Chet Atkins in a familiar pose. I know this because the caption says so.

Hey! Let's learn something!

Of course, as the story gets updated, Bert pops a cap in Mike's ass after tricking him into showing up unarmed at their peace summit. That's the kind of people we are these days. It's rather sad, really.

See you tomorrow!


Captain Infinity said...

Now that you mention it, that pose that Chet Atkins is in does look familiar.

Murfyn said...

What is the method of propulsion for the giant inflatable hand? There is no sail. Batman's cape and Robin's scarf are fluttering in the wind, so they are moving very fast through the water and/or there is a strong headwind. Is there an outboard motor? Is it, too, inflatable? Or perhaps (more likely) they have harnessed dolphins. Or maybe the Submariner?

Anonymous said...

Doom Island???
Bruce need to change Travel Agents.

Mike said...

OH ha ha ha !!!!
hilarious chet atkins! :)