Wednesday, September 9, 2009

When Menaces Roll, Hop, or Slap Wednesday!

Have you ever read the second volume of Daredevil? That's some great stuff!

You can't pass my bike? You got a badge or something you can show me, chief?

I like the idea of being a ROLLING MENACE! It's one thing to be a menace, but to be able to roll at the same time? That's super-villain material!

Here's some fun (with thanks) from Robert Giles!:

I'm not a huge fan of the Jimmy Olsen series, but it's my understanding that Lucy gets slapped a lot. And frankly, if you have to handcuff yourself before you even see the girl for fear that you're going to haul off and smack her, that's probably a sign that this isn't the healthiest of relationships.

See? See? What did we learn about being a litterbug? That it attracts kangaroos! Let this be a lesson for all of us.

See you tomorrow!


SallyP said...

Granted, Lucy Lane probably deserves a good slapping, but what really has me concerned, is that apparently Jimmy has a human head in that box on his lap.

Man, you used to be able to get ANYTHING onto an airplane!

Arky Ramone said...

Ah the Golden Age where every relationship worked like “Sid and Nancy”. Me I just want to Bond for a day!

Allergy said...

What kind of disguise kit includes a complete face and handcuffs?