Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm Not Saying I Could Do Any Better Thursday!

..... but someone gave both Captain America and the Sub Mariner a serious case of lazy eye.

It's hypnotic... the more I enlarge the picture, the more visually impaired they become.


Sphinx Magoo said...

Maybe it's because the Human Torch is slowly burning off all the oxygen in the room.

Holy carbon monoxide poisoning, Batman!

Aurora Moon said...

not only that, but I noticed that Capt. America seems to have TWO pupils in his left eyeball. please tell me I'm just seeing things... :P

Anonymous said...

No, I think there might be two, actually. If you cover up the lazy one, it looks like Cap is looking towards Namor. They might have tried to have fixed it but forgot/were unable to get rid of the other eye.