Monday, September 28, 2009

Gravy? Mustard? Egg? Monday!

Some comic book funnin' from All Winners #3! Well, they aren't all winners! F'rinstance:

Nope. Definitely not a winner.

But Toro? He's a winner!

That was some genius application of sarcasm. I mean, Toro clearly didn't have any facts to answer to Torch's question, so he just starts throwing answers out there. I do that sort of thing to Beloved, who also tends to muse out loud. She refuses to acknowledge how hilarious it is.

Being contrary for no reason? I love it! I would have imitated it in school and had even more "behavior and attitude" comments on my report cards, but it would have been well worth it.

The Torch got a little payback there. He may have done it under the guise of "reviving" an unconscious Toro, but I'm sure that somewhere in his mind, he saw it as a chance to give the mouthy little brat a good shaking.

But the nice thing about the Golden Age was that you always had a ready supply of Axis bad guys you could send to a very painful demise, and no one would say anything:

I know some folks decry the violent content in comics these days, but those pre-Comics Code books were pretty rough.

And yes, although I just went through this with Molly a month ago, I had to put Gremlin down last Friday, so I want to take a moment to remember him. He was a shitz-zu mix I found wandering downtown Tulsa. Although he was a prissy-looking dog who weighed less than 10 pounds, he was a survivor. It was obvious he had kept himself going by killing and eating things, as I found more than one rabbit twice his size eviscerated in my back yard. He also ate many a mouse, which I appreciated. He was a scrapper, and would fight you and anyone you brought with you, but he had an undeniable charm and you had to admire his lust for life. He gave us a very entertaining 11 years, and it was very sad to let him go. Go find Molly and Buddy, Mr. Man! I look forward to seeing you again one day!


Dave said...

Glad to see Toro was decades ahead of those Twitter punks in mistaking "your" for "you're."

Go to school, you juvenile delinquent!

SallyP said...

Losing pets is never easy. So sorry.

Arundel said...

"Grandpop"? Ouch, Toro just told Torch he's fucking old. Not even just "Dad'? What a snotty lil wiseacre!

Awfully sorry about your pet, really hard. Sympathy here.

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear of the loss of Gremlin. May the shamrocks fall softly on your feisty lad.


Zocktastic said...

I always hesitate to offer my condolences over the internet, because I often feel I have very little to genuinely add.

But I will say that I'm sorry for your loss, Adam. You obviously gave Gremlin and all your animal friends a very good, loving home.

E. Bernhard Warg said...

Why is the "Jap" wearing a Guy Fawkes mask?