Friday, September 11, 2009

Of Dragons and Chauvanist Pigs Friday!

It's Friday, and that means it's time for World's Finest #86!

I don't know.... I know the people of Metropolis have seen a lot, but I would think that once they see that the dragon doesn't have any legs and is moving around on tank treads, they might see past that clever ruse.

No one ever understood why buildings in Gotham City and Metropolis had an unusually high occurrence of foundation problems, but I'm prepared to guess it had something to do with Superman always ripping them up and flying them all over the place. I don't think buildings were meant for that. Then again, I'm no structural engineer, so maybe it's fine to sling buildings around.

Lois' main professional character flaw is that she had a tendency to whip out the gender card whenever someone disagreed with her. You know the type.

See you Monday!


Allergy said...

Wouldn't the dragon have more likely scared people into banks and stores? It doesn't really look like it was designed to fit through doors!

Johnny said...

Who gives permission for such buildings to be lifted anyways?
Tose pictures sure do defy the laws of psychics!

Adam said...

I see you went with the obvious "visible treads joke." I think the real humor lies in the supposition of the criminal that a "remote controlled tank with flame throwers" just isn't quite scary enough.

But seriously, great blog. I read it daily.