Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Young People Need is a Code Wednesday!

It's been awhile since we visited the Costume Hall of Shame! (tm!)

Some people think the Vision's yellow and green ensemble is a bit loud, but there's a thick line between toning things down and giving up altogether. Over the years, I've warmed up to characters who wear mostly one color (Nightwing, the Flash, etc.) but the all-white look of a character, especially a bald one, only makes me think of this:

And yes, I feel the same way about the Silver Surfer.

For those of you that visit our little Comic Book Funhouse (tm!), but don't regularly follow comics, allow me to give you a Rule to Go By (tm!):

Whenever you see Dr. Doom, it will almost always be revealed near the end of the story that he was really one of Dr. Doom's robots. Just assume it's a robot, and just assume no one else in the story will even consider that possibility even though it's usually the case.

Know what teenagers need? A Code:

What I really enjoy about this is (a) they never actually come up with a Code, so no problems are solved and (b) any teenager who wants more rules to govern his/her behavior probably doesn't need a Code to begin with. It's those loser kids who walk around with their hats turned backwards and their pants halfway down their asses who need the Code.


De said...

The Teenage Code:

*that's great = whatever
*that's different = it sucks
*going to the library = going anywhere but the library
*going out to study with [person] = going to have sex with [person]

Joey Collard said...

Teenage code can be subdivided into the following:
Man Law
and the Girl Code.

Allergy said...

I'm kind of confused on what's going on in panel 5 there. Did Dave & co. interrupt the Mad Tea Party?

Arun said...

And what a boring looking crumpet party they crashed. You know these party crashing reprobates had all the good reefer. Please.