Friday, September 4, 2009

Get Hep to Miss America Friday!

Hey! It's Labor Day on Monday, so I'll be taking the day off. But don't think you won't make it to Tuesday, because today we're going to....

That's right! And hep we shall be!

This magazine will make me better looking? No foolin'? And more poised, entertained, happy and (at no extra charge) hep???

What about attracting teenage dorks who dress like bankers? What about that?

Why, Miss America Magazine covers all the bases, that's for sure! Now with extra hep!

Okay, I'm not sure why the guy is going all ga-ga there, because that's not exactly the most flattering look I've ever seen. I suppose I would expect it at the church potluck, but I can't imagine getting that wound up over it. I suppose after an extended time at prison or as a merchant marine at sea, I might be jazzed to see someone in a skirt that didn't have hairy legs, but this guy looks mighty well-groomed for someone who just got out of prison or off a boat. And really, if a guy just got out of prison or off a boat, is that really the guy you should be gunning for? There are really a lot of questions here.

So, take the long weekend and ponder 'em! I'll see you Tuesday!


SallyP said...

Of COURSE that fellow is bug-eyed! That young floozy is showing off...her ANKLES!

Oh, the shame of it.

Anonymous said...

I think the first picture is Gomez Adams.

AuroraMoon said...

nah, the dude in the first picture looks more like the Joker. seriously, just take a good look at his "face paint" around the eye sockets and the month :P

Mike Reeves-McMillan said...

And what, exactly, is a "personality aid"?