Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When Super-Heroes Spend Too Much Time Together Wednesday!

Everyone seems to be in a mood over at World's Finest #83!

Boy, they can't get away from each other quickly enough, can they? So, I take it you'll be leaving? Oh, yeah, looks like you can finally manage without me for ten minutes, so see ya! I totally get that. I don't hang out with my co-workers, either. I figure I already see them more than people I want to see, so why add to it?

Not that it isn't impressive, I suppose.... but do you think a "to scale" model of London Bridge is worth it? No matter how you slice it, just finding a building to put it in must have been a pain.

Batman.... desperately needs a girlfriend. Seriously.

Yeah, I'd get a little snappy with Robin, too. How do you ever forget Superman's around? And a cage? That's it? You've been put in every death trap imaginable, and you're going to freak out about a cage? Going a little limp there, aren't we?

See you tomorrow!


Robert B said...

Except that's not London Bridge.

I'm smarter than Batman, nahnah!

Anonymous said...

Line about Batman needing a girlfriend: LMFAO!

D.B. Echo said...

This puts Batman in a league with Fergie, who featured Tower Bridge in her "London Bridge" video.

Though technically, Batman refers to it as "the London bridge" - possibly meaning "the London bridge known as Tower Bridge!"

SallyP said...

Robin is just lucky that Superman IS there...otherwise Batman would have slapped him silly by now.

Johnny said...

Nah, i'd go with the fact that Batman doesn't know his bridges. After all, London Bridge is in Arizona. Stick to your Hickory Docks B'Man!

Anonymous said...

Hickory... Dock?

It's not like Supes to leave out the dickery.

Anonymous said...

Also, that's not London Bridge, that's the Tower Bridge. The old London Bridge is in Lake Havasu, AZ and the new one certainly doesn't have any turrets.


PSH. I though Batman was a'sposed to be smart.

Anonymous said...

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