Tuesday, April 3, 2018


And we're back after yet another hiatus!  Hey, it's a marathon, not a sprint.  I figure we've got about another 5 years or so of this.

But back to PPTSSM.  A lot happened, but none of really funny.  It had some good Frank Miller artwork, though, which made it very collectible and 'spensive back in the day.

Anyway, Pete starts getting some rather ugly messages in the form of graffiti (this was before we could just troll each other online) and ends up here:

And then Pete obligingly gives us a rundown of his ailments, because nothing makes for more entertaining reading than a complete inventory of another person's discomforts:

Oh, no.  Is that Holly?  I thought we were rid of Holly.

No!  Don't reconcile, Holly!  You were right the first time!  Leave!  Leave him forever!

Hey, even better!

Aw, Pete.  You ruined it.  Every time Holly annoys me in the future, that's on you.

You know what I just noticed?  Holly changed ethnicity on us.  Remember her first appearance from issue #18?

I thought she was Hispanic.  But every issue after that has her as African-American and I didn't even notice until now.  This is why I would be a terrible eyewitness in a trial.

Oh, check out this guy:

It's amazing to me how many guys in comics can just slap glider panels under their arms and they can just go parasailing.  I'm not saying it wasn't gobs of fun in Just Cause 3.  It just doesn't make sense... unless you're Banshee, in which case it made perfect sense. 

Yes.  His name is Darter.  And he shot the White Tiger from behind.  And as you can see, even with a clean shot at point-blank range, he accomplished nothing.

Well, unless you count amusing me with this:

And it made no sense, because Carrion had taken out Hector not too long ago.  And I realize Hector had gone all White Tiger on us, but even so, I would think that if Carrion couldn't take out the Tiger, I don't know why he thought "Darter" would be much of a distraction.

So, time for the big reveal.  What's Carrion's beef?  We've waited several issues.

Oh, no.  More "Clone Saga" lore.  This we've GOT to see.

See you soon, Dear Ones!